Moditards versus AAPtards…

We’re living in Interesting times! Most of the the wise men i know, don’t take a public stand about their political preferences. The not-so-wise ones and below that – are super vocal about their stance, ready to fight, ready to be offended – almost treating the other side as jokers. 

Am amazed at the amount of noise from both sides on twitter – the AAP and the BJP. Congress is reduced to a spectator 

The world is split between Modibhakts / Moditard/ Sanghis following a Feku and AAPtards eulogizing ItemgirlKejriwal – and together, they’re making enough noise to drown out the real issues and voices of reason. 

You’re obliged to endorse 100% of what your leader is saying / doing and attack every single thing about the opponent. Immature benchmarks for the opponent, knowing full well that you’re not blemish-free either. Shades of grey. Let’s live with them. 

Elevate the discourse – talk real governance issues. How employability will grow and how we’ll make Indian SMEs competitive in preparation for FDI in multi-brand retail. How women will feel safer and justice made speedier.

Screw the charter plane and govt. bungalow and get the real questions answered. 

Give AK some time, stop censuring him for snoring too loudly! He’s got a lot to learn and figure out. At some point he has to move beyond accusations and start delivering value. Let’s see what happens then.

I’m in the league who’ll vote for AAP in Delhi and for Modi at the Center. Both of them deserve a fair chance at showing what they’re capable of. And both of them have done way more for India than you and I have – so let’s reflect before we use words like feku and itemgirlkejriwal again. 

I’d keep petitioning the Delhi govt. for better urban planning in my locality and will gladly support a suicide squad if Modi acts funny on the religious front.

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