Products India Should Have – 5- TennisBuddy

There’s a lot being done for matchmaking in the romantic context, there’s just about no efficient of discovering people who share your interests for an activity – in a local / real time / social context.

I was hoping Meetup would move effectively in this direction, but they don’t seem to care so much about spontaneous / mobile-first real time social/location approach or leverage the current social network of the user. Communities like Couchsurfing and internations enable these meetups – but nothing spontaneous / sharp on current location or time.

So here’s how this would work.

  • I connect my Facebook to the App
  • I name an activity, setup a time and venue – structured inputs to appear on a calendar as well as a map.
    • Say a game of squash at Saket Sports Club at 8 AM on Sunday 20th Sept.
  • Share this on my social network if I want to.
  • People within the geography who have played squash before / have the squash in their profile tags get an alert for the activity.
  • They can express interest in joining. (or directly join – need to test trust levels amidst friends of friends versus complete strangers)
  • I confirm one/more of the interested folks and this makes an entry into all our calendars, with set reminders etc.
  • Ensure mobile /email ID verification, show users count of FB friends and my connection to them – making it easier to trust.
  • Recommend that first meeting happens at a public place if it’s between strangers.
  • We meet and play squash. Or watch a movie or go photographing the street or volunteer at a local NGO.

Users can create activities / explore current activities around them. So if I wake up on a Saturday morning and thought about what I wanted to do later today, this is the place where I can find what people are upto and join something I find interesting and closeby.

Of course, this needs network effects to get meaningful and have the right number of activities being posted / executed.

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