Products India Should Have – 6 – Lybrate meets the Corner Pharmacy

If I was writing this a while ago, I wouldn’t have known about Lybrate -the startup allowing video chats with doctors. Makes every bit of sense. Not every issue or follow up needs me to skip office, take a long  trip, wait in queue for a 5 minute consultation with the doctor.

Can this go a notch further, to be useful for people without smartphones or 3G? How? Take tele-medicine to the next level.A track worth testing / validating :

  • Setup a the yellow phone-booth style kiosk within or right next to pharma stores.
  • Deploy a wifi / 3G connected tablet in there with the medical video chat app
  • At any time, there’d be some doctor in each specialization online in the app to consult.
  • Can have pre-defined appointment schedules for select doctors pasted on the wall.
  • IF relevant, use a stethoscope with an AUX input into the tablet, (with or without assistance, as needed)
  • The doctor can write the prescription on his tablet or via the smart pens, to transmit to the pharmacy who can dispense the relevant medication / take a print-out if needed by law.
  • The history these video calls and time-stamped prescriptions can be recorded and kept in the user’s a/c against a verified mobile number
  • User can rate the doctor on the quality of session, ratings kept only in the background / shown aggregated after a level.
  • User can pay in advance / after consultation via cash or card at the pharmacy.
  • Application tracks the payment received by pharmacy and due for each doctor, all accounts settled online.
  • This is additional revenue for the pharmacy, can get a share of the consultancy fee + all the revenue for medicine sales from the prescriptions.
  • All sorts of MIS / Intelligence can be built on top of the data collected.

This could work well to utilize the spare time of doctors in high doctor density areas who don’t have a full schedule and be used to make high quality service available to patients. This could also extend to wider cases of tele-medicine, setting these ‘kiosks’ up in remote areas with no access to a doctor.

in several cases, for blue collar workers, they need to take the day off, losing pay, if someone in the family is not well and needs to see a doctor – wait for several minutes, and then just see the doctor for 5 minutes, who would often prescribe a standard medicine.

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