Products / Services India Should Have – 7 Bike Taxis / Last Mile

Inspired by what i once saw in Bangkok, I thought motorcycles are a great upgrade to the cycle-rickshaws we have parked outside the metro stations in Delhi/Gurgaon for example. Back then, it was still a messy affair to attempt a transport startup, but now the market seems readier.

We definitely could do with lesser number of vehicles on the road, specially single person cars!

Having seen the role of public transport in my daily life in Berlin, it just seems the obvious choice, compared to driving a car daily.

Problem Statement

  • For several routes, the public transport will still remain more viable (time/money wise) compared to taking company or private cabs.
  • A user commuting to office in a metro / bus, still needs last mile connectivity for which he depends on the autos or cycle rickshaws.
  • This is often a solo ride, that ends up being the more expensive part of the commute.
  • For short distances(last mile, specially), unless their network becomes SUPER dense, an Ola or Uber driver would end up driving empty for 4 km to give a ride of 4 km.
  • More people will be happy to take public transport, if the last mile becomes frictionless


  • Bikes are cheaper to buy / run compared to cars and autos, contribute less to the traffic / pollution as well.
  • Faster and less tiring for the rider than cycle-rickshaws, meaning more trips / day.


  • Can’t we have an Uber / Ola for Bikes? Why use cars for short rides for a single person!
  • Maybe even have bikes / Activas driven by women for the women passengers
  • This biker can even flexibly work as a courier / delivery rider intermittently.
  • If he’s upgrading from a cycle rickshaw, likely this would boost his income meaningfully and he’d not wait outside apartments / markets through the day to get his share of rides.
  • Being Smartphone driven, it’s safer, always tracked, can enable wallet payments – killing issues with change / arbitrary pricing.

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