Products/Services India Should Have – 9 – An Entertainment Talent Marketing Platform

The last few years of Reality TV Talent shows have helped unearth some really amazing talent from different parts of the country and despite their talent, the scary reality is several of these guys won’t be able to market themselves adequately well to get meaningful commercial success beyond the show.

To identify cities and then venues, organize publicity, sell tickets, and manage the whole logistics of the show – are too much work for the artists who know their art well, but are likely beginners in the world of public entertainment business. Most of their assignments are driven by personal / professional networks – not particularly predictable to let them comfortably follow their art as a full time career.

Hypothesis : People will pay for good quality live entertainment programs in outdoor venues / auditoriums.

We could surely do with more entertainment options beyond films and some theatre, that’s limited to some cities.

Could be in the form of ticketed consumer events, themselves, corporate bodies, public bodies, weddings and event hosts.

So how about an organized marketplace for entertainment talent supported by an agency service :

  • List artists with a 1-2 min clip of their performance, some pictures of past performances and description. Plus their calendar with past and upcoming shows, free dates available and the price for a show.
  • Agency manages the schedules and prices for all the artists negotiating terms on their behalf with potential hosts.
  • Agency can proactively schedule ticketed events in different locations, in sync with local event management companies to handle local and online publicity and ticket bookings.
  • Can offer one artist/group shows or make a bouquet of performances from different artists / groups to put together an event.
  • The agency only charges a commission on the tickets sold or events booked, no fixed fee for basic services.
  • Can appoint a relationship manager for every artist on the system
  • Have an active sales team reaching out to different types of customers to generate business.

There are so many of the youtube videos of performers I’d happily pay to see live! I do hope these people make a career out of their art.

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