Products India Should Have – 10 – ExpertTalk

Would you be willing to talk to someone who wants your consulting for $100 / hr? Except, he only needs 2 hours. Though there are many like him. They can’t hire you for $100k, but can borrow you for a couple of hours for a smaller fee.

Satchets of expertise, to make it more affordable – if you’d like to put it that way!

Current freelancing portals are not quite designed for the higher end of expertise, are not seeking ‘knowledge’ or ‘expertise’, but getting odd ‘jobs’ done.

Ideally, this should’ve been an ‘app’ on the linkedin platform, but can exist independently, with linked-in connectivity.

  • I strongly believe that an hour of conversation the right person can save a month of research time
  • Most people would love to share knowledge, if the audience is worthy.
  • A lot of people would be willing to pay for a quick / easy access to expert advise on a specific topic they’re researching.
  • Several people know deeply about specific subjects, but won’t turn into authors or speakers at public events.


  • You put your desired hourly rate and an availability calendar on this system.
  • Someone who wants to chat with you pays for it, and books a slot
  • System tracks the call schedule / duration (ideally, connect a VOIP API to the base system itself)
    • The line / whatsapp / viber – et al, should release APIs to initiate voip calls on their infra from within any app and providing access to call logs. Hopefully, someone will do this soon.
    • Or use call conferencing systems, so users don’t have to exchange phone numbers if they don’t want to.
  • At the end of the call, the caller gets to rate the expert, based on depth of knowledge and eagerness to share and ability to satisfy all questions.
  • The expert can rate the caller too for being polite, genuinely curious etc. and not being a jerk
  • The call duration is tracked and billed to the callers account and credited to the expert’s account, minus a platform fees

For several professionals like Lawyers, Tax Advisors, Travel Consultants, Business Consultants, Financial Advisors, Sector Experts – this can be an effective way to utilize their knowledge better and for the callers, this is an effective way to get honest / expert opinions, devoid of the biases that someone who’s selling you a service would have.

If the knowledge I gained wasn’t imparted and made useful to a larger audience, it just got wasted!

It’s true that the well networked people get access to all the advise they need anyway for free, but then there’s a larger audience who may not be personally as networked or resourceful.

Hope linkedin listens.

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