Now Returning to India…

Having seen India from a distance over the rather eventful last year and a half – majorly via the news of blockbuster funding and growth of startups, coming back for a break was a good reality check

  • The fastest way to get an auto/cab is still to wave to it on the road
  • Ola app hangs often and can throw random errors.
  • Uber doesn’t have enough cars
  • Oyo hasn’t quite standardized the budget yet beyond adding their logo to the gates(sometimes not even that much)
  • DMart (a departmental store) still gets overcrowded, even on a weekday evening
  • There aren’t more delivery boys on the road than regulars
  • Traffic and Air Quality do really suck
  • Housing is not where you go to find yourself a house
  • If you are really hungry – call the restaurant directly and follow up directly as well.


One might feel the party is about to get over – maybe true for the crazy blind valuations, but the game has only begun.






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