Services India should have 12 – Consumer Logistics 3.0

The good old courier companies as Blue Dart and Gati have been overshadowed by the ecommerce push and new processes driven by the likes of Delhivery and GoJavas.

I see parcelled, but don’t yet get confidence about it as an all-purpose consumer service to send anything or get anything picked up from anywhere. They ask me to input the Length, Breadth and Height of what i wish to send for God’s sake, instead of just making a S / M / L for a bag or carton.

The first world is solving more advanced logistics problems via tools like Portr (airport to hotel or reverse luggage delivery) or Dufl (managing  wardrobe logistics for business travelers), back in India, we have unique situations. Here’s what I’d like.

  • An app, integrated with a wallet, so no cash ever needs to be paid.
  • Preset addresses for pickup / drop (ala amazon contactbook) so I’m not writing down the address on the label everytime and neither is the pickup boy copying it on the receipt.
  • The choice of when the package is needed – express or regular. would mean the standard things in intra-city and inter-city parcels
  • Optional Tamper-proof packaging, for an additional fee.
  • Now, the most interesting part, what I’m looking to send :
    • The pickles or Gulaab Jamun from mom
    • My suitcase when I’m traveling with a lot of luggage
    • Just a suit I need in Bombay, which is in my house in Udaipur
    • Wife’s jewelry that’s with her mom in Hyderabad, for a cousin’s wedding in Bombay
    • A laptop / cellphone over to my friend in Bangalore
    • The thousand things we need to carry for our brother’s wedding in a different city.

Some of these situations end up needing people to hunt for the family or friend that’s traveling between the locations in the right time-frame or wait and travel personally.

With the right kind of back-end integrations, effective real time tracking and insurance cover – all the above should be possible for a reasonable cost.

Would plug well with the concierge service the guys at Helpchat et al are trying to build and I’m sure to be a regular user.

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