Still a boy!

Still a boy!

Oct 2015

Four years later, I feel the need to update the ‘why’ section. What stays consistent is the ‘lost’ and ‘wandering’ nature of my thoughts. Having spoken about entrepreneurship all through my college and playing the hero at business school, to be covered on TV and print for opting out of campus placements, it’s almost embarrassing that I’m still in a job, 7 years after getting out of Business school.

So let this be an exploration of ideas that come to mind, of things I’ve learnt along the way and shouldn’t get forgotten by the passage of time as new things come up.

At least i’m writing actively enough for some time now. I like that there’s enough to say.

Oct ‘ 11

This is the nth time I’ve started to write a blog.. and thought I should update the ‘why’ part of it as well. Reason one – Wifey wants me to. Reason 2 I have bunch of thoughts in my head which I want to put down some place – writing helps me organize thoughts. And well, if whatever I write is of any value to any reader – even if it’s laughing at my inanity – it’s not too bad!

I’ll talk about the LBS space in India and abroad and I’ll talk about life at 27 and how with every realization of your age, you want to jot down and start actioning the list of 10 things to do before you turn 30.  So well, I’m at it as well.

Nov ’10.

I actually needed to check the calendar to check if I’ve turned 25 or 26 this year.. and much to my horror.. I’m older than I thought I was. Time flies by. It’s been about two years since I started writing on wordpress. Life has obviously changed a lot since then.

Now, this is going to be a journey though the maze of managing a new job – a relatively new marriage – and a whole world of expectations – from oneself and the world. An unfolding mystery – as life goes forward.. and some thoughts and observations I’d like to express – as I chug along.

Original Introduction, written some aeons ago: Say Nov ’08 or so

As a 24 year old, out of college for six months, I’ll not think of myself as competent enough to really inspire or give a lot of gyan to people about entrepreneurship. A while to go before I get there! What I can still talk of is my own experience, first hand, straight from the heart and brutally honest!

So yeah, you might find some dark sides which are usually left unsaid in such situations. I don’t have any hard feelings against anyone, to try to portray them in a negative light, but as I like to believe, ‘Perceptions are Realities’. So I can only write my perception or my side of the story.

The tales shall be interspersed with my own adventures and misadventures and some lessons that I perhaps learnt the hard way.

A lot of things that might have been obvious to someone with some experience in the internet space, came to me as realizations. I’ve learnt at my own expense. Sometimes the smart way from others mistakes, sometimes from my own. The learning has been steep, though I’ve been slow to absorb.

I might eventually be accused of putting this Disclaimer at the end of most such posts. Can’t help it! This is the only piece advice that I can confidently give!

Disclaimer: The only advice you should take seriously is, “Take every piece of advice with a grain of salt.”

For that matter, you should take everything you’re told with a touch of skepticism, not cynicism though.

So while you size me up for the sanity of my thoughts, I’ll try and figure out where to start this epilogue from!

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