Digital in a Downturn?

While some would say that the recession is a bad time for everyone in the advertising industry, given the reduced budgets, there’s something interesting for advertisers to look at, and for digital marketing guys to exploit.

Was just going through the report by the same title, at Ogilvy on Recession, and thought of taking some quick notes. What it suggests advertisers do is, not entirely beyond obvious, but rather precisely put together. Obviously, since it’s a free report, every idea ends with ‘ it needs a clear strategy’ , for which you’ll need to go to them!

Summarizing just the ideas :

– Create Virals

– Sponsor smaller properties on the internet that are cheaper, but target your audience

– Use Performance Media – pay only when desired action is performed.

– Sales tactics : Well timed coupons on email and mobile.

– Using  internet microstars smartly would help you get a mega reach and impact

– Create Widgets for blogs and soc nets – they’re cheap, distribute easily and can ‘connect’ the consumer to your brand.

– Get a strategy in place for video distribution on Youtube, it’s free and reaches wide.

– Use Heat Mapping to identify most noticed sections on your promotional e-mails, to optimize them accordingly.

-Get digital distribution rights for all your TVC and print material.

Also, while you’re in the studio for the shoot, you might be able to capture other video pieces – such as behind-the-scenes footage, video greetings from star endorsers, short video teaser shots, etc. – that can later be deployed on  your website, mobile site or on video distribution sites.

– Work with non competitive partners to piggyback on what they’re doing.

-Optimize your digital assets – ( I guess they mean on usability/navigation/information discoverability etc.)

– Avoid duplicate keywords on SEO and SEM. (doesn’t help to  be the first sponsored link for something you’re anyway the second organic link for)

– Elicit consumer ideas and inputs on your website, beyond plain complaints.

– Measure and track your digital activity, returns!

– Monitor Competitor activity

– Optimize media spend with clear focus your business aims.

Worded a little better, this is pretty much what the report says, with an example or two here and there. Can’t ask for a lot in a free report, but well, this would probably be obvious to someone who’s been in the new media space for some time.

However, the  report ends with a good set of action points and I’d recommend a quick read to anyone interested in digital marketing right now.