Getting a good mentor is a GIANT leap forward!

Getting a good mentor is a GIANT leap forward!

As an entrepreneur, you’d perhaps have a degree of confidence in your ideas, plans and abilities. That would bring in some amount of arrogance too, in thinking that you don’t need advice or guidance. Sharp feedback hurts you, you don’t like tough questions that you haven’t answered to yourself. You hate being made uncomfortable.

If you’re a first timer, it’s a wise thing to get yourself a Guru, who has been around for a while. There’s value in things they may tell you and even more in the questions they may ask you. Sometimes, it’s just great to have a sounding board, who’s willing to listen to you and spend time with you!

Have an open mind, listen to everything. Don’t get defensive. Accept that you’re not perfect.

Gently defend your ideas. Don’t be afraid of probing their thoughts further. That’s where the learning lies. If they disagree with you, understand why it is so. It’s not necessary to convince them of anything. They’re advisors, not investors.

Come back, try to organize the feedback into specific pointers. Choose what suits you. Reject the rest. Don’t do something because someone tells you to. Do it if you’re convinced. It’s your business. You’re the ultimate decision maker!

So obvious, isn’t it! Not too easy though! Start looking early. Be earnest and show the willingness to learn!