Good Time to Startup?

With a good part of my digital media consumption coming from international blogs, typically talking about the startup and technology scenario in the US etc, I figured I needed to spend some more time closer home, understanding Internet in India, what the user behavior is like, what’s really happening and what’s expected to happen!

With financing drying up and the risk appetite of investors on a low, for a startup, these are the best of times and these are the worst of times.

Best of times, because if you can live through this, survive, evolve and grow through this phase, there’ll not be many survivors left at the end of the game.

Worst, because if you’re not among the survivors..

Got only the Internet in India 2007 report, coz the 2008 one is still paid! If the hypothesis I’m getting to from my preliminary exploration is correct, the picture isn’t particularly exciting for startuppers looking at the Indian Market.

But then, as the story goes,
Two sales agents of a shoe company went to Africa, a few centuries ago. On their return, one reported, ” Terrible news, they don’t even wear shoes there, there’s no market”

The other said, ” Glorious opportunity, the whole market is available, they don’t have shoes there yet”

The problem however, is you need to survive and sustain while you wait and see people learn wearing shoes!

You gotta be in it for the long run(means, have the capacity to stick around), or perhaps come back later!

Sure there are no bad times if you can really innovate and capture the fancy of the mass of indians – who’re happy chatting/mailing and orkuting, love to listen to music online and a smaller section, that watches videos too!

If you’re committed and decided upon sticking around, good Luck, may the force be with you