How about a Kitchen 2.0?

Applying the 2.0 philosophy to non-obvious things, seems an interesting thing to do! The best part with internet, is it’s power to aggregate and disseminate information – to connect people that live in different worlds, in ways that create value for both the parties!

I’d thought over this one long ago, and more thoroughly than I remember now or am posting here..

There are ample singles who crave for good food, at home or office. (Not everyone is blessed to know cooking himself, or have a great cook). In some cases, married people might also have issues cooking regularly. Specially, if the wife’s gotta cook before she leaves for her own office!

So if one arranges for a nice quality, home cooked food, some of these guys would be happy to have it.

Now, what food do YOU like the most? on a regular basis? Perhaps it’s the one cooked at home by mom. Ok?

So if some of the housewives living in Bombay could cook a meal for you, alongside watching soaps – they’re in a job they know well, and are happy doing, and you might get food that’s more than edible.

System needs to ensure the information flow and the material flow. Use web and system generated sms/calls and a logistics system to arrange for the pickup and delivery of the tiffins. Think the dabbawalas know this job well.

Effectively, it uses internet/mobile to turn thousands of domestic kitchens into producers of food, generating value for women who can’t possibly step out of their homes to work, for whatever reasons. And provides good food to the several ill-fed guys and girls.

Little or no capital expense on the part of the kitchen owner, she ony cooks as much as she can, with her resources. The guy can have food from different kitchens every day, to keep the variety on. He can set the menu in advance, of what he wants, and the system will deliver him the same, wherever it’s cooked!

Can institute a  quality check before a kitchen/cook is taken onboard. They can show interest by sending an SMS or something.

Evolving further, you can have the choice of cooks online, based on reviews/rating by other eaters.

If restaurant rating can help you decide, so can kitchen rating. Lots more can be played with, on the web and phone interface.

What say?

Next, in my line of thought, is Gifting 2.0. Wish you could send just a rose to that friend of yours in the next one hour coz she’s pissed with you? No service provider can set up such a network. Junta can. Shall be writing further soon.

The Week 2.0 – A Crowdsourced Magazine with Adsense in Print!

Talking and generating ideas.. has never been difficult for me or for anyone for that matter.

What happens next, is the question. Today morning’s conversation with a friend, lagordabella on LiL and @labellagorda on twitter.

Here’s a today morning’s conversation, on things going the 2.0 way. I some how find this whole thing rather fascinating. soon will talk about how Kitchen 2.0 can work, and so can Gifting 2.0

pjr: The NYT goes in depth about The Printed Blog, the new startup that will print blog posts up into newspaper form and sell ads on them. It’s still a dumb idea.

me: who’s saying it’s dumb idea? you or someone else?

pjr: someone else, it will work in india

me: yeah, that’s what, already we have bloggers writing columns

pjr: i know

me: but thoda fight hai, the gratification of conversations doesn’t come from print..anyway

pjr: i agree

me: i think it’ll be syndicated content rather than only-for-print so it’s fine

pjr: yeah

me: worth giving a shot, but gotta do a lot of PR..and maintain content quality

pjr: but i guess it cud still work in india without its conversativeness…is that a word?

me: where does ‘conservativeness’ come into the picture?

pjr: conVERsativeness

me: oh. ok yeah as i said syndication, so the original conversation goes on

pjr: true

me: but I’d rather put a magazine format than a newspaper format, a weekly on should be good

pjr: a weekly maybe

me: crowdsourced : The week 2.0

pjr: the week 2.0, sounds nice!

me: the authors can get a share of the revenue, and not charge for the content upfront

pjr: yeah

me: So time for the Week 2.0 project you know who’s doing it?

pjr: 🙂

me: i think this would make more sense in vernacular

you might just get a whole lot of new blogging enthusiasts.. if they know it’s gonna be printed and circulated

pjr: wow the vernacular thing sounds even better

me: India! hinterlands

pjr: 🙂

me: access to content, but you need to note that for them, the content source is irrelevant

pjr: agreed

me: you’ll be compared with everything else on the shelf

pjr: hmmm

me: this just gives you a wider casting net, and ad sales.. shouldn’t end up adding a Lot of overhead costs

pjr: hmm

me: put an online platform to crowdsource ads too

pjr: hmm

me: become the adsense of print ;P

ideas galore

pjr: hmmm

me: you plan to do it. lemme know… else.. it’s just ideating !

pjr: well we cud do it

me: cud.. and REALLY want to!! are different

pjr: i know

me: it takes more than a could.. I know that well now 🙂

pjr: lol