Selling your idea?

You need money, not praises!

You need money, not praises!

It’s interesting to see how well you’re able to sell your idea while it’s still in the idea stage. Do talk about it to people. Don’t be too afraid of leaking the idea. Do remember that people may not criticize or put you down, simply because,

People have an incentive not to crush your dreams

Sweet talkers will smile and say it’s great. But did they get really excited about it? Are they pushing you into executing it? Are they willing to be a stakeholder? You’ll need to push them a little hard to get any real benefit out of them.

The other type, Dismissers will jump at conclusions, won’t let you explain completely, immediately find an analogy with another product and force you into explaining the difference. They’ll dismiss you entirely, leave you lost and perhaps a little frustrated.

Don’t take either of the two kinds too seriously!

Continue looking for people who’ll spend some time with you, be candid, discuss the pros and cons with you, open to loud thinking, ok to keep in touch and be a sounding board for your further plans.

You need to clearly express your interest and openness to constructive criticism. Ask directly what they think might be wrong with your thought process, areas of improvement. Don’t get happy and satisfied by the five good things they say, but don’t leave them without understanding their reservations about your product.

VCs that way are patient and usually somewhat candid. They ask you the questions that you should’ve asked yourself earlier on. VC feedback is usually valuable, but at the end of it, if they’re not investing in you, they’ll still be diplomatic and nice to you! Their approval would show in the amount of time they’re willing to spend with you.

They are the guys who’re gonna bet money on you, need the most confidence in you or your concept or rather in you with your concept.

However, you need to push them a lot harder to get some real direct suggestions though!

With a VC, you’ll get the first appointment based on who you are and/or who’s recommended you, you gotta leave a good enough impression about your sincerity and plans for them to consider spending time with you again.

I am wondering after having written it down as to how much of it was non obvious!