Improving Gmail?

One fine morning, I decided to write in a bunch of suggestions to gmail. It was spurred by a bunch of ‘unsubscribe’ requests on an IIMC yahoo group, where calls to action after 26/11 had evolved into sharp opinions and political rooting!

So here’s what I would be glad to see in Gmail and Groups,
1. For all gmail to gmail mails, you should have a ‘read receipt’ attached to the message title in the sender’s a/c.

Effectively synchronize the two mail boxes (sender and receiver) to provide additional information, while taking care of privacy concerns.

2. Several googlegroup members, when frustrated/tired by an ongoing discussion on their group, want to leave a google group.  Actually, they only want to leave the particular thread/conversation, but have no option to do so.

You can provide a way – integrated in the mail account – to leave a thread, but not the group so you continue to receive mails other than this thread.

3. For all the mails sent to a group, you can provide an optional graphic equalizer of objective parameters to be set by the author as he sends the mail.

A mail could be serious on one end and humorous on the other.
Own thoughts on one end, and forwarded article on the other, and article+opinion in between.

And other such parameters, which perhaps you can get the group admin to decide or set global ones to start with.

This would help the receiver organize and filter out what he wants to read and what not, by making a simple selection on the equalizer himself.

4. A classification into – personal mail/official mail/periodic newsletter/Invitation – some can be set by the sender, and some by the gmail system. and the receiver can choose which category he wants to view first.

5. Currently, the messages in my inbox show up only in the reverse chronological order.

Can you set up a parameter of ‘priority’ in the mail that scales from 1-10, that’s set by the sender and the receiver can choose to see the highest priority mails first, rather than having to sift through the entire set of mails and clean up some of them, before he gets to reading any of them. Would perhaps be simpler than a set of filters!

We could have norms that direct personal mails or urgent work mails take highest priority, newsletters take <5, so on and so forth..

Now these might need some refinement and detailed logical planning to go through. But think the way google redefined email by offering unlimited space and arranging in conversations – they should be the ones to raise the bar again!  Lets see!