To Her, With Love

Dear Sanjana,
You might find it very odd and surprising to receive a mail of this kind from me.. at this time.. but guess once in your life.. you have to take a call.. gather courage.. speak your heart out.. cross your fingers.. and click ‘send’ . you don’t know how the other person would react.. but you have to do it.. you have to jump off the cliff.. even if you stand the risk of falling down like a rock..
With all the women in my life (believe me, I’ve had a whole lot more than my share) I never thougth I’d find it difficult to speak to someone.. so much so that i’d not have the courage to speak to them over the phone.. like I usually do.. and instead will use this somewhat cowardly way of communicating my feelings.. but then.. it’s a matter of life importance for me.. and it’s only after a thousand contemplations… have i been able to convince myself.. to give this a shot! And as it is, traditionally, letters have been the most romantic ways of expressing your love… only that this one doesn’t have a stamp.

Ever since i’ve known you.. since Kabir introduced us, including some unpleasant times then.. I couldn’t help but notice your smallest acts which seemed supremely sweet to the extent of defining what it meant to be a sweet person after all! Your cookies and chocolates, somehow so nicely exhibit the kiddish innocence which you hold within yourself and it so very well combines with the maturity that you’ve repeatedly demonstrated……. what do I say? How do I point out individually- so many of the things that have never failed to impress me.. guess all I’m gonna be able to say is that I’m madly in love with the whole package called Sanju!

Now i know that it comes as a surprise.. because it’s probably the last thing you expect.. and moreover.. i’m probably the last person on the earth to be expected to say this.. but that’s what the fact is.. I’m in love with you!

With all that i’ve come to know about you.. your acts of kindness.. your passionate zeal for what you believe in…. your naivete combined with your charm and energy with which you infect the people around you.. I could probably give my entire life to be with someone who could so constantly amuse me, excite me, make me feel good, motivate me, make me laugh.. make me see reason.. I don’t know what all you do to me. Looking at it differently…. i don’t know if you’re beautiful.. and honestly it doesn’t matter.. because it’s something so amazing that I feel.. that it’s so beyond anything purely physical.. and I now feel funny when I look back at my life that was spent chasing pretty faces. I so wish this day could’ve come sooner..

You seem to have all the makings of a wonderful wife.. you’re sure to be a great home maker.. a great mother.. and just about everything one could imagine having in their life partner.. just won’t know how I could do without you now.. coz every other woman that comes into my life.. shall be evaluated against the benchmark that you’ve set.. and then.. no one would be good enough because she’ll never be able to match up! somehow.. you feel too good to be true at times.. and that makes the very few times spent with you seem surreal.. !

Destiny did it’s part in getting us to know each other.. and i’m not inclined to leave any thing to fate now.. so I’m making this move.

Here I am.. on my knees.. expressing my love for you.. hoping that you’d find some genuineness if nothing more. I know that you probably don’t think of me in that light.. coz i perhaps have never given any signals in that direction… but then.. I couldn’t have held it within me for too long..

but then.. it doesnt’ matter.. does it? I had to say it to you without the fear of how you take it.. now that I feel so strongly about it.

Much as i’d want it to not affect the beautiful relationship we share right now.. i guess i’ll leave the future course to you…

take care.


Before you start getting psyched out and start wondering who Sanjana is.. let me tell you it’s all fiction. I got reminded of my old hobby of writing letters while I got bored on the last bench of my classes. When I’d ask my friends to give me a situation.. they thought they’d give me a difficult job if it was to be a romantic situation…

I thoroughly enjoyed it then.. so of late when a friend again asked me to do it… I thought I’d let the creative juices flow all over again..
Anyway.. if anyone needs help with writing a love letter… (For the ones who think that a letter is still quite a romantic thing) get in touch with me…. sure to sweep her off her feet! 😉