Is Conversation Dead?

Wonder if I should start this post with a ‘is it just me, or does it happen to you as well?’ kind of bewildered question – but having read a few articles about this topic – made me wonder – if it’s just me who’s missing ‘conversations’ from his life – or are there more like me?

Those intellectualizing this, were lamenting the reduction of conversations to 140 characters and over skype ‘let’s go for lunch’ instead of enough face to face communication.

While I don’t feel a lot is lost by conversing on any of these modern tools.. what does feel strange is if I’d be put with any from 80% of of the 1000s of people I’m connected to on FB – we’d run out of conversation in a few minutes.

So in a lot of cases, I don’t have things to talk about.. and thinking of the people and time when i didn’t have to ‘think what to talk’ and when intermittent silences weren’t awkward.. I don’t talk to them often anymore!

Why is 95% of all that I talk to anyone lately – so completely transactional in nature? It’s rather seldom that I talk anything without a purpose in mind. Every call or meeting has to have an agenda. Even friends are called up for a reason, very seldom for generally catching up!

Oh, and after the transaction is over, there’d always be an enthused and polite ‘Let’s meet up sometime ya.- Sure!!’ when both of us know well, we don’t mean it.

There was a chapter in my high school hindi book – about conversations – the author wrote with passionate poetic romance about the beauty of conversations. Of course, I was too dumb to appreciate it then – but having gone through a phase when a conversation could last through the night and yet not end – I know what he was talking about. Be it over maggis in the canteen, or over a walk by the lake-side or over the phone or gtalk..

Should I even get into the variety of topics – from physics to religion, to psychology to philosophy, to faith and feminism, from relationships to politics…..

It amuses me to note the number of lines some of my gtalk chat archives have! And it’s not a great feeling that none of those are less than a year old! And it amuses me to think of the times when I used to struggle to pay my phone bills – and had bought a cheap call rate sim in collaboration with another talkative friend.

I have a rather small personal phone bill lately. I’d thought that I’d be dialing more people more often now that I spend a good amount of time in the car – on the way from home to office and back.. but after a few months of having thought so – it doesn’t seem like I’m in much better touch with people I’d have liked to be talking more. Radio, and my lost world of thoughts is what keeps me company.

The whole social media thing – wonder if it’s done more harm than good – in enabling me to keep in touch with people. Commenting on their pics does keep me abreast with what they did on their b’day and the last vacation – but well, haven’t heard someone animatedly narrate the whole series of events lately. One could say that life’s so busy these days – where’s the time – but I really don’t think time is the culprit here.

So maybe then, it’s to do with the lack of motivation, or pre-occupation with our own travails of life – that keeps us away from delving too much into someone else’s life…or spare enough moments for a fulfilling chat.

So well, here’s to all the people who’ve shared those maggis with me, or taken those lake side walks, or stayed up late nights talking over the phone and gtalk.. or the ones that have exchanged lengthy hearty mails with me…and those who’ve filled up pages after pages of ‘classes and conversations’ on the last bench.

I miss you. What else would justify staying back in office, all by myself on a Friday evening – to say all of this!

And well, this in no way to undervalue the people in my life right now – who do their bit to keep the conversationalist in me alive.

Guess a slice of life – is what my rant is likely to be about. Nothing profoundly intelligent or stimulating. Just some things that make me step back and take a hard look at how life’s shaping up!

Guess I’m just being resistant to change! Some changes just suck!

Back to Blogging!

It stares you in your face that you’ve been away from a dear hobby way too long.. when you realize you’ve forgotten the password to your wordpress account.

Wifey insists that I should write a blog.. I’ve not done that in ages.. and it just seems like a good hobby to get back to.. though I’m usually out of ideas or topics.. inspiration as they say.. as to what to write about..

The key challenge is the discipline it takes to keep the blog updated every week if not more often than that..

Am about to complete a year of working at MMI – in my first ‘job’ per se.. and well, I could also step back and take stock of my situation..

And well, I’m about to complete 2 years of being married – so can think aloud about how things have changed, tease that it’s for the worse…. and so on..

Or maybe I could attempt at answering the existential questions anyone my age may grapple with ( or so I hope). When you’re not entirely delighted with the way your life’s slipping by like a current through your fingers.. and you don’t know whether to accept this as normal.. or to worry that there’s something wrong..

If there’s something wrong.. it again takes stepping out of the comfort zone and taking a hard look at how you’ve become complacent or if you’re still holding on to that curiosity in your eyes.. the soaring spirits of a guy just out of college..

Is this what life’s supposed to be?

I don’t know if I’m going to blog a lot or not.. getting back to writing a diary does seem like a good way to show myself a mirror every once in a while.. and well, it does keep my verbal abilities from rusting away!

The stats say that no one’s visited this blog in ages.. like I didn’t know.. but well.. for those who’ve ever read me before – happy to have your view on what we can talk about!

Obviously.. I’m on the stage and you’re my audience.. I’ll not claim that I write for myself… wonder if anyone REALLY does that… or maybe they do.. and I just haven’t evolved to reach there yet!

Funny, how confused do I sound and I always thought of myself as capable of making worthwhile decisions fast.

i thought this would be a brief post so using the ‘quickpress’.. only to realize now that i’ve just been blabbering away!

Hello friends.. for all those to whom I’ve wanted to be in touch.. but never got around to writing a long mail to.. I’m back!

Wait – this is supposed to be a blog and not my personal long mail to buddies or sparks from the past!

And I don’t want to make this into a series of facebook statuses representing my current mood.. ‘ college life – I miss you’ !

Talking of Facebook – that does seem like an awesome idea to bash people who make half the world jealous by posting their frequent travel pictures leaving us lesser mortals confused about whether to attempt a Bali or a Times Square or a Eiffel Tower this week – and after tons of back and forth convincing wifey.. settling for an Andaman that can be covered under LTA!

On that – I wanted to put my caller tune as ‘mehengai dayan khaaye jaat hai’ – not that many people call me apart from work – but whoever does – the international partners won’t get it.. the desi partners might laugh it off or find it a bit downmarket.. some other well wishers will see my political leanings and intent to bash the government.. my mom.. would think it’ll indicate to the world that I’m not earning enough..and wifey.. who calls me often.. would think I’m trying to tell her something against her shopping sprees!

Ok. I’m fine without a callertune!

And they say life’s easy. And I’m independent. Who am I kidding!

perhaps I should’ve warned when I started that I’m going to blabber away.. but well if you have come this far.. might as well leave a note! I’ll send you chocs if you do.

I certainly would get an awesome ego massage to see the stats on this blog grow. and that might just motivate me to treat myself a massage at 90% off from Snapdeal!

Friends.. well wishers.. aren’t you supposed to wish me well? Now comment!