Lifestreaming for India?

Am borrowing from pheedo about his conceptualization of lifestreaming,

Lifestreaming is the aggregation and merging of multiple RSS feeds into a single point of entry. Once the feeds are setup, the data is added automatically to a Lifestream. The output is a concentrated unique stream of information comprised of a person’s ideas, beliefs, passions, thoughts, and interests – that defines who they are.

And picking up another line from Dosh Dosh’s words reviewing Friendfeed,

Instead of subscribing to a blog with a fixed niche topic, you subscribe to an individual mind. To a person whose qualities or knowledge you trust, thereby letting that person show you around the web.

What emerges is that one would like to follow some early explorers (or thought leaders) who continually do a great job at locating and plucking valuable/interesting bits and pieces on the web, and their bookmarks and favourites are rather refined summarizations of content scattered on the web.

Perfectly suits a situation where ‘the followed’ spends a lot of time online and his ideas, beliefs, passions etc. are reflected in his online behaviour itself. An inherent assumption is that the content that’s of interest is abundantly available online, waiting to be sifted through.

Which is where, there’s scope and need for localization of content – Political opinions I’d subscribe to, songs I’d listen to, videos I watch etc. The model wouldn’t add enough value till the online behaviour really starts reflecting the personality.

Of course, in a globalized world connected 24X7, the savvy ones in India are also on the same plane as their American counterparts in terms of access to content, interest in English music, films and literature and interest in reading about the latest global developments in technology and social media. So they would see value in following some guides in their explorations.

The content has a significant component of stuff relevant and useful only for internet users, or computer users.

What happens to our mainstream? We don’t have experts or opinion leaders who’d navigate through social media foraging for good content and serving it to us. At best, we have friends who spend a lot of time online and fish out good stuff and share it.

Maybe, lifestreaming for India – would become interesting – if you were to track my activity beyond social media – like If i’m looking through matrimonial and starting a conversation, applying for a new job. You track when I book a movie or a play ticket and let my friends know, you track my travels and hotel reservations on air/train and add to my lifestream! You also know when I bought a book from amazon, or rented a CD from seventymm or picked up something from ebay or downloaded new music to my itunes!

Or else, if you really want to understand my beliefs, personality and passions, stream my life offline. Capture it when I am having bhutta at a beach, walking on the sand barefeet, capture it when I’m chatting with a street kid who came to sell me a magazine, stream my job interviews.

My life, is a lot more besides and beyond the Internet. I’m an average Indian.

That’s what comprises my life! Can you stream all this?

It would end up being a somewhat social, somewhat utilitarian application – part of it about keeping in touch, part of it about discovering new interesting things.