Internet Marketing in India?

Have been breaking my head all day to understand the suite of services that a complete internet division in an ad agency must have, to be able to deliver genuine value to the clients. Got to ensure that the clients are not put off with their early experiments, but instead,  get increasingly excited by what internet can do for them.

Slow moving ad agencies – don’t know what to do what the internet can really do for their clients!

Fragmented small internet Agencies – Digital Marketing and now Social Media Optimization/Marketing. Smart entrepreneurs but limited client access and limited resources.

The Hypothesis, the Ad agency enjoys a long relationship and credibility with the client and would find it easy to get him to experiment. But it doesn’t have the in house competence to create and execute solutions. If we could find a smart way of bridging these Agencies, and build the bridge between the innovative startups and the clients, it could be a rather interesting thing.

To get involved as this interface point, would give me an opportunity to play a role I like the most – the integrator – to bring the different stakeholders to a table.. and get the action going.

Though managing the diverse interests of the stakeholders could be a challenge in itself, it would be interesting. To begin with, try reaching the resources from where they are, and then over a period, build the competence in house, as you go about learning your lessons in understanding the whole thing yourself.

Over a period, however, the big agency would want to develop its own team, rather than outsource the work further to smaller agencies. And the fun part is, the smart guys running the smaller agencies won’t be keen to join the big agencies as employees!

So the quest is, to create a semi independent entity within the agency’s current structure, which enables the freedom to the internet smart guys to work their way, and yet have the resources and client access enabled by the agency. It can’t be a pure employment model.

Ok. A bunch of hypotheses. Only way to do a reality check is to go through the exploration myself.

After writing all this down, and looking at the myriad bunch of activities happening on the web, in a fragmented way, think it’s not SO complicated or overwhelming as it seemed, in the beginning. Lets see if something’s really gotten into my head or not!

Time to make a powerpoint, to visually present my understanding of the whole thing.