Denting Twitter – Impossible?

The gentleman started with understanding why Pownce didn’t take off, despite being a somewhat better product compared to twitter in its fundamental definition – being a multimedia thing.

Key reasons that make it just about impossible for any new product to make a dent in the might of twitter 

First Mover Advantage – While people were trying to understand the utility of twitter, it had a free play for a good amount of time, giving it a large lead time.

Network Effects surely at play, with 3 million users and growing, twitter lovers are not going to move anywhere else for their one to many interactions

The Open API that led to the the birth of zillions of applications, to suit every taste and requirement has pretty much given twitter a Blue Ocean to have its presence on every single techie / early adopter’s desktop/browser/phone/apps and his blog too.

The ‘Followers’, in a fashion more powerful than comments/rss readers could ever do, gave a fantastic ego massaging tool to the stalwarts in the space. On this one, I specially liked the take by jayvee f. : 

i think the main reason why twitter is getting all the following is because this has been the former techTV dudes’ platform for competition. leo laporte, dvorak, kevin rose, alex albrecht and some other tech luminaries are all playing the “i have more followers than thou” game.

the irony of it all tony is that kevin rose has “switched” to twitter even though he is the principal of pownce.”

So would that be a lesson for anyone thinking of doing something in that space? 

Stay clearly away from the Goliath, or you’re writing your own obituary. 

But then, there’s a whole wide world between status updates and blogs. That’s where lives happen. And that’s where unstructured expression can happen too. And there’s a world between 3 million tweeters and 110 million facebookers! 

Twitter is a conversation tool for the early adopters and techies. Besides following certain people for interesting information discovery and showcasing my own savviness by just being there, I personally haven’t found twitter all that useful yet. You wanna follow me? I’m

Maybe I’m just a beginner and there’s lot more to be discovered or understood… 

Eager Learner!