The Blogging Challenge

One issue I’ve been facing for the past couple of days is the the frequent mixup of the several ideas and thoughts that have formed themselves into a spagetti in my head. The reason I’m letting them all out, in an attempted organized way is so I’m able to rest peacefully having cleared my head and arrived at the answers that all these thougths should lead me into.

So maybe, let me discover a good way to write a good article/blog!

Think of

Define Outline – what’s it going to be about?

Define Boundaries – What you’re NOT going to delve into.

Expected no. of words to be spent on the topic?

Do you need to provide external information/data to support your reasoning?

Is every word/paragraph – really important? Would it seem incomplete if you remove a word/sentence/para?

Done writing?

First edit the content, is there any useless piece of info that doesn’t add any value?

Next, once done with the right content, see if the language be made any crisper/simpler?

Be a miser with words. Keep it short, simple language.


Lets try following this now!