A Fresh Start

Have been an intermittent blogger through some years now.. off and on! Think it’s time I could get back to it, and organize all the random thoughts that keep going in my head.

Just to make the fresh start fresh, I’m setting up this new account on wordpress, I’m told that it’s better than blogger.

Lets see how much better it turns out to be, and how regular I turn out to be.

For once, I think it might make sense to organize all the existing blogs that I already have on the blogspot. But perhaps will do that after I cross over to getting habitual at this.

Would be a little tricky differentiating between my lifeinlines page and this blog, but perhaps that would continue with unstructured, unconstructed sentences, while this would be slightly more organized in my utterances.

Probably, this would contain all the sides of the startup experiences that I may not immediately want to announce to my audience on LiL, but are essential phases in the journey as a startupper!