Students turning entrepreneurs.. are they?

A journalist friend called up yesterday, she was researching on the trends of students turning entrepreneurs straight from campus, in the wake of the economic crisis, and wanted my opinion to form her own perspective!

Funny, I don’t have too many facts to side with either thought – whether or not there are more entrepreneurs coming out –

Is it more difficult to be an entrepreneur now, so people would be less adventurous and stick to their jobs! Funds are said to be drying up and so are the corporate spends on a variety of things. Hiring might be put on hold for a while, even as layoffs aren’t exactly beyond the horizon!

But then, if you can be capital efficient, have a clear revenue model – Talent would be somewhat cheap now, with limited options, there’ll be fewer players and hence limited competition – Not exactly a bad idea either!

In so many words, as the proverb goes, these are the best of times and these are the worst of times!

My guess is, people would be more willing to join existing startups for a while, for the sake of the experience, rather than starting themselves from scratch!